2010-11 Graduate Fellows in the Humanities

Scott Anderbois, Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz
Issues in Discourse: A View from Yukatek Maya

Nicholas Bartlett, Medical Anthropology, UCSF
Heroin, Community Treatment and Chinese Understanding of Addiction

Andrea Berez, Linguistics, UC Santa Barbara
Discourse, Landscape, and Spatial Reference in Ahtna

Claire Chambers, Performance Studies, UC Davis
Impossible Acts and Unsayable Speech: Apophasis in Contemporary Performance

Szu-ching Chang, Dance, UC Riverside
Dancing with Nostalgia: Nationality, Bodily Memory and Local Global Configuration in Taiwanese "Traditional" Dance

Kensy Cooperrider, Cognitive Science, UC San Diego
Reference in Action: Morphology, Conceptualization, and Discourse Structure in Co-Speech Pointing Gestures

Ingrid de Haas, Classics, UC Riverside
Female Slave Resistance in the Roman Empire, First-Fourth Centuries CE

Christopher Even Franklin, Philosophy, UC Riverside
Free Will and Moral Responsibility in the Natural World

Tanner Higgin, English, UC Riverside
Race and Videogames

Toby Braden Johnson, Religious Studies, UC Riverside
Reconfiguring Early Sikh Narratives: Teaching and Living the Message of Guru Nanak

Sarah Lauro, English, UC Davis
The Modern Zombie: Resurrection in the Empirical Age

Peter Leman, English, UC Irvine
Literature, Law and Oral Culture in East Africa

Jeremy Mikush, Musicology, UCLA
Allegories of Masculinities in 17th Century Musical Spectacle

Mary Murrell, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
The Open Book: Digital Form in the Making

David Orzechowicz, Sociology, UC Davis
Working in Wonderland: Work, Culture, and Spectacle in Theme Park Entertainment

Keelan Overton, Art History, UCLA
A Collector and His Portrait: Book Arts and Painting for Ibrahim Adil Shah II of Bijapur

Justin Reed, History, UC Riverside
Public Discourse and Revolution in England, 1685-1689

Jason Sampson, History, UC Riverside
Mining Manhood: Gender, Labor, and Community in the Stark County Coal Mines

Orma Shaughnessy, East Asian Languages & Cultures, UC Berkeley
The Omniscient Translator: The Culture of Language Play in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Japanese Travel Narratives

Matthew Shindell, History-Science Studies, UC San Diego
The New Prophet: Harold C. Urey, Scientist, Atheist, and Defender of Religion

Marco Valesi, World Cultures, UC Merced
Exploring Cultural Production, Transmission, and Socio-Identitarian Processes Through Urban Art

Yulian Wu, History, UC Davis
Huizhou Salt Merchants and Material Culture in Eighteenth-Century China

Yeesheen Yang, Literature, UC San Diego
Haunting Bodies: The Culture of Death and Reanimation in Organ Transplantation

Catherine Zusky, English, UC Santa Barbara
Staging Pain in Late Medieval and Early Modern Drama