Current Multicampus Research Groups

Consortium on California Architecture and Design

Venice Beach House

With UC Humanities Network support in 2011-2012, the Consortium on California Architecture and Design is now a thriving energetic and collegial group of fourteen scholars and three graduate students from six UC campuses, all of whom research aspects of our common topic, broadly defined. The existence of this consortium has significantly expanded the potentials of this field of study across the UC. We are seeking a second year of funding in order to continue the mutually enriching collaborations begun in the first year. We plan to deepen our graduate student mentoring through dissertation workshopping, enhance the quality and prestige of work in the field by UC scholars, and institutionalize California’s contributions to architectural history by building content for a California section of Archipedia, a Society of Architectural Historians digital humanities project.


PI: Christina Cogdell, Design Program, UC Davis

James Housefield, Design Program, UC Davis
Simon Sadler, Design Program, UC Davis
Mark Kessler, Design Program, UC Davis
Heghnar Watenpaugh, Art and Art History, UC Davis
Michael Rios, Environmental Design, UC Davis
Sarah McCullough, Cultural Studies, UC Davis
Andrew Shanken, Architecture, UC Berkeley
Marc Treib, UC Berkeley
Margaret Crawford, UC Berkeley
Waverly Lowell, Environmental Design Archives, UC Berkeley
Daniela Sandler, History of Art & Visual Culture Program, UC Santa Cruz
Volker Welter, History of Art & Architecture, UCSB
Dell Upton, History of Art, UCLA
Kavior Moon, History of Art, UCLA
Jason Weems, History of Art, UC Riverside
Patricia Morton, History of Art, UC Riverside
Catherine Gudis, History, UC Riverside
Stuart Kendall, Visual and Critical Studies, California College of the Arts