Current Multicampus Research Groups


This group of UC Shakespeare scholars, characterized by the interdisciplinary nature of their scholarship and their commitment to public programming, will convene for a series of conversations and events that dramatize the conjunctive and transmedial character of the Shakespearean corpus. “w/Shakespeare” means: Shakespeare in relation to other discourses and media, but also Shakespeare as a commons shared and sustained by traffic among scholars, students, theater-makers, teachers, and public audiences.


Co-PIs: Julia Lupton, English and Comparative Literature, UC Irvine
and James Kearney, English, UC Santa Barbara

Leo Cabranes-Grant, Spanish & Portuguese, Theater & Dance, UCSB
Patricia Fumerton, English, UCSB
Lowell Gallagher, English, UCLA
Andrew Griffin, Department of English, UCSB
Martin Harries, English, UCI
Rebeca Helfer, English, UCI
Sean Keilen, English, UC Santa Cruz
Claire McEachern, English, UCLA
Ian Munro, Drama, UCI
Jane O. Newman, Comparative Literature, UCI
Kenneth Reinhard, English and Comparative Literature, UCLA
Bryan Reynolds, Drama, UCI
Mark Rose, English, Emeritus, UCSB
Victoria Silver, English, UCI
Eli Simon, Drama, UCI
Robert Watson, English, UCLA